Shared Plates. Family Style.
6 people per night max.
Shrinking the city.
Come as you are.

Not networking.
Just for fun.
No press.

See why people love dinner with strangers

The intimate number of people and structure the game we played about not talking about what we did helped foster some really interesting and great discussions. Also food choices were soooo on point. What is the vetting process for sending out that initial email!? Question on everyones mind. Regardless of what it is, keep find cool and interesting people to connect. Glad I took the step to give this a shot, definitely didn't regret it.


I enjoyed the experience. I liked that the event took place at a well known and well regarded restaurant and that the people who attended were curated. We seemed to be there for the same reasons. I enjoyed meeting a new group of people, all of whom had no biases for each other and could just be themselves in a safe environment.


I found it to be a great experience.  I think that most people are too fearful to do something so bold by themselves but I wish they would do it more often.


What made it really special was the quality of the "strangers". Everyone had really great backgrounds and the conversations were so stimulating.


I loved it! I loved that we didn't talk about our jobs at all, we came from vastly different backgrounds, and we covered a ton of ground -- it was a comfortable, delicious, and unique experience.


I love the concept, the size of the group, the format and execution.


It can be tough to meet new people in the city outside of your immediate circle and actually have a meaningful conversation with them. The size of the group is great. Sharing a meal facilitates great conversation. The type of person that would say 'yes' to a dinner with strangers, will be interesting and open to creating a good experience. Everyone should step out of their day-to-day to eat dinner with strangers.


No hassle, easy conversation, opportunity to meet new people. Would love to do it again!


The setup was intriguing, you couldn't go wrong with many of the venue options—but most importantly, I had a great time with what felt like a well curated group of interesting and warm-hearted people. It's a 9 and not a 10 simply because it's not for everyone :)