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At Giants & Crowns, we’re gathering folks from around your city to share a meal and time Not a networking thing. Not an industry specific thing. It's just good time with good people, it's a reflection of what you bring to the night ... but don't take our word for it. Every review collected below is submitted by a real guest of dinner.

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The intimate number of people and structure the game we played about not talking about what we did helped foster some really interesting and great discussions. Also food choices were soooo on point. What is the vetting process for sending out that initial email!? Question on everyones mind. Regardless of what it is, keep find cool and interesting people to connect. Glad I took the step to give this a shot, definitely didn't regret it.


I enjoyed the experience. I liked that the event took place at a well known and well regarded restaurant and that the people who attended were curated. We seemed to be there for the same reasons. I enjoyed meeting a new group of people, all of whom had no biases for each other and could just be themselves in a safe environment.


I found it to be a great experience.  I think that most people are too fearful to do something so bold by themselves but I wish they would do it more often.


What made it really special was the quality of the "strangers". Everyone had really great backgrounds and the conversations were so stimulating.


I loved it! I loved that we didn't talk about our jobs at all, we came from vastly different backgrounds, and we covered a ton of ground -- it was a comfortable, delicious, and unique experience.


I love the concept, the size of the group, the format and execution.


It can be tough to meet new people in the city outside of your immediate circle and actually have a meaningful conversation with them. The size of the group is great. Sharing a meal facilitates great conversation. The type of person that would say 'yes' to a dinner with strangers, will be interesting and open to creating a good experience. Everyone should step out of their day-to-day to eat dinner with strangers.


No hassle, easy conversation, opportunity to meet new people. Would love to do it again!


The setup was intriguing, you couldn't go wrong with many of the venue options—but most importantly, I had a great time with what felt like a well curated group of interesting and warm-hearted people. It's a 9 and not a 10 simply because it's not for everyone :)


Great idea, fun experience, solid food. I loved the diversity of the crew.


I've already recommended it to several folks.


I think it's a great idea and I have friends who would be interested in it for sure. I went in with no expectation other than having good conversation, and I thought the event checked all boxes.


It was a fairly unique, interesting, and rewarding experience. I know a lot of people who can benefit from mixing up their routines and meeting people with different perspectives than the people they typically interact with. It can be tough to meet people in a city - will definitely recommend to people who are new to the city. Low pressure way to meet new people.


It was the right size, interesting people, and good food. Engaging conversation is hard to find.


I thought it was a wonderful concept, and it wound up being so in reality as well. The number was ideal and I was also glad not to have order the food for myself, but rather share. Everyone should do this at least once.


You have to be up for it- you get out of it what you're willing to open up about- but it was great. Thanks for bringing us together!


Great restaurant, great conversation, everyone seemed to come to the table (pun intended) with the same mindset – open to meeting new people and no expectations of "getting anything" in return other than genuine connection.


This was an incredible experience! Keep this going!


It was fun.  I would definitely do it again!


I was a bit apprehensive at first but it turned out to be a fun night with great food, wine and company!


If anyone has a pet pig, they should be required to mention that upfront and not drop the awesome bombshell 30 mins into the dinner. jk, dope idea and execution.


The concept is fantastic. You're doin' great! Thanks for organizing.


I think it was a dope experience. Under any normal circumstances, I would NEVER be in the same room with any of the other attendees. Great way to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone.


This was an unexpectedly great experience. Kudos on doing this counter-intuitive but oddly comfortable thing. I loved it.


This whole concept pushed me out of my normal comfort zone, but once I was there is all felt much more natural than I would have expected. I actually felt more free / comfortable asking personal questions to the people at dinner than I would have to anyone outside of my closest friends and family. The format give you a lot of freedom to ask questions as well as answer them completely honestly which is very cool. Great vibe.


Everyone was very open to the experience, everyone thoughtful, light-hearted, and honest. My expectations were mixed, and they were exceeded.



I am proud of everyone who showed up. Sometimes, that's the hardest step to take. We all feed off of each other's energy.


It was really great - they had a nice table sort of set away from the commotion. It was easy to have a conversation but also lively.


For me, there was still a little bit of "i can't believe i'm at dinner with a complete group of strangers and we don't have work or maybe anything in common." It's a new experience, and it was very eye-opening. It was so fabulous. It really forces you out of your comfort zone. It's also an amazing way to meet people in a new city - people who you may not normally meet.